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Full Circle Wellness

“I love not man less, but nature more” - L. Byron

There is nothing more important, to you and to us, than your health and wellness.  We believe in locating a sense of peace, creativity and happiness through bringing you to a clarified state where you can fully absorb nature.

There is a false dichotomy between man and nature.  We are nature.  Through yoga, meditation, and connecting to nature and animals we bring you full circle, away from the neurological noise, and invite you to heal; body mind and soul.

While you are in the Lakes, there is a variety of wellness practices you can choose from so that you can leave your worries, absorb the landscape and fall in love again, with yourself, your dear ones and the landscape.

  • Meditate with Horses
    Meditation and mindfulness training in nature which will lead to a deep and loving connection with horses.

Meditate with Horses Meditate with Horses
Meditate with Horses

  • Breath Work and Wild Swimming
    Wim Hoff style breathing strategies to galvanise the bodies natural resistance to the cold and boost the immune system before a rejuvenating and fresh cold water immersion and warm guided meditation.

Breath Work and Wild Swimming
Breath Work and Wild Swimming
Breath Work and Wild Swimming

  • Cacao Ceremony
    Using psychoactive plant medicine to stimulate the unconscious and create deep emotional shifting through meditation, shadow work, yoga and ecstatic dance.

Cacao Ceremony Cacao Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony

  • Forest Bathing
    The forest boosts creativity health, self-awareness and inspiration. You will interact with the beautiful, fragrant and colourful forest as you never have before.

Forest Bathing
Forest Bathing
Forest Bathing

  • Massage
    Choose from Lomi Lomi, Thai or relaxing massing from our trained therapists to ease your body and mind into focus with your holiday, shedding tension and soothing away the neurological noise.

Massage Massage