Meditation and Breath Work in Nature

Meditation and Breath Work in Nature

Relaxation research shows that breathing techniques can ward off disease by making people less susceptible to viruses and by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. When we breathe in a relaxed fashion we move a destructive metabolic rate to a more constructive one. This shift of operating in a chronic stress mode to a one that is relaxed and alert, can affect the synthesis of protien, fats and carbohydrate, increase the production of cells for the immune system activation, promote bone growth and repair as well as enhance the cellular, hormonal and psychological processes.

We find the most beautiful local spots, typically next to water to intensify the body’s positive reaction and drop into a deep and still guided meditation. Shadow work inquiries are optional.

2 hour session
Person £65

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Meditation and Breath Work in Nature
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Meditation and Breath Work in Nature